Tom Valesky's CS-752 Project page

For this class, I studied the problem of simulating explosions in realtime. This page contains the results of that study.
  • The paper
  • The source code for the project Eventually, I will port this project to ActiveX so that it can be run from this web page. Currently, however, you can only look at the source code.

    Anyway, here's a link to the final paper, which sums up my work
    Click here to download the sources and project files for Visual C++ under Windows 95.
    Click here to download a tarred, compressed version of the project that was compiled under Unix using Gnu C++ and the Mesa graphics library.

    Click here to download a pkzipped executable version of the project, with camera position file and sample initialization file. Simply put this zip-file in a directory, pkunzip it, and run explode.exe. It should work on either Windows 95 or NT, provided you have Microsoft's OpenGL drivers installed. I figure that it might be fun for people to fiddle with this.
    Click here to download Microsoft's OpenGL drivers for Windows 95.

    The sources:
    Header files:

    C++ source files:

    The makefile:

    Some sample initialization files:
    init.txt This is the file containing initialization data about the explosions and scene objects
    camera.txt This file contains the coordinates at which to place the camera (in x, y, z format)

    List of canned demos:
    Note: the program reads from a file called "init.txt." To run one of these demos, just copy it to a file called init.txt in the same directory from which you are running the program.

    pingpong.txt -- 3 time-delayed explosions bounce an object back and forth.
    sqeeze.txt -- 2 explosions with 3 objects between them
    pinball.txt -- single object bounced around by 3 explosions
    spray.txt -- illustration of spraying effect (too many generations of points)
    shell.txt -- illustration of shell effect (too few generations of points)
    wall.txt -- a wall of cubes blown apart by an explosion.
    ripple.txt -- multiple delayed explosions
    overlap.txt -- a bunch of explosions on the same point

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