1860 Federal Census of Tyrrell County, NC
Introduction and Instructions

Every effort has been made to transcribe this census as written. There may be some errors, but these will mostly be errors in interpretation of writing as opposed to errors of omission. There are some obvious errors made by the census taker in recording sex, for instance, but they have been transcribed exactly as written. If the age was less than one year, it was written as a fraction in twelfths. Here it has been transcribed in the number of months followed by the letter "M."

The census has been arranged in separate files for each page. There is also an every name index for the entire census that is arranged alphabetically.  Each person in the index is linked to their respective census page and line. Merely click on the person in the index and you will go to that person in the census.  When you are done looking at that page, click on your browser's BACK button to return to the index right where you left it. If you want to go to another page or a different area of the index, full navigational capability is located at the bottom of each page.

The data is arranged in columns as follows:

The Post Office or Local Community was listed as Columbia throughout the Census. Beginning with family number 207, the enumerator uses the "Township of Columbia."

The enumerator made several errors in numbering the families. Therefore, family numbers are not always consecutive. Numbers 145, 428, 472, and 473 were used twice with different dwelling numbers. Numbers 430, 470, and 471 were not used.


301  302  303  304  305  306  307  308  309  310  311  312  313  314  315  316

317  318  319  320  321  322  323  324  325  326  327  328  329  330

331  332  333  334  335  336  337  338  339  340  341  342  343


A  BA-BE  BI-BU  CA-CH  CL-CU  D  E-G  H  J-L  


No surnames for the letters I, U, X, Y, Z