Guardian Bonds of Tyrrell County, NC, 1739 - 1869

The guardian bonds of Tyrrell County, NC have been published in Tyrrell County North Carolina Estate Records, 1734 - 1800, by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. These records are available on microfilm for the period 1739 - 1869 and I am in the process of extracting them. These extracts will provide a little more detail and they will cover the period 1801 - 1869, which has not previously been published. This page will be a work in progress, so keep checking back from time to time. I have done into the 1760's and have skipped to 1800 since these are not otherwise published. The period 1800 - 1869 is now complete. I will return and pick up in the 1760's later.

The columns in the table below should be self-explanatory. The bonds are arranged alphabetically by the surname of the deceased and then by date. The size of the bond is some indication of the value of the estate. The guardian appointments can be an indication of age. When the guardian is appointed by the court and no consent by the orphan is involved, it is an indication the orphans are under 14 years of age. When consent of the orphan is involved, it is an indication the orphan is 14 years or older but not yet of legal age. Also remember that a deceased person is not always the reason for a guardian bond.

This page is now split into separate pages listing the bonds alphabetically by the surname of the deceased. If the deceased is not stated in the bond, the surname of the orphans is used, assuming the deceased had the same surname. Click on the links below to search the surnames you are seeking. When this project is completed, an index of the orphans will be created. Keep in mind that the bondsmen and witnesses constitute a partial listing of early residents of this county which you might want to search.

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