1790 Federal Census of Tyrrell County, North Carolina

Introduction and Instructions

1790 is the first year that a census performed by the United States. The Tyrrell County Census was completed by Levi Blount around June 22, 1791. It includes the area now in Washington and Dare Counties as well as Tyrrell County. This census was reported by Head of Family and is broken down in the following manner:

  • Names of heads of families
  • Free white males of sixteen years and upwards, including heads of families
  • Free white males under sixteen years
  • Free white females including heads of families
  • All other free persons
  • Slaves

    Free non-white families were broken down in a similar manner and appear in a separate table on page 378.

    Every attempt has been made to enter this data as exactly as recorded by the census taker. Even obvious spelling errors are not corrected. For purposes of readability, zeros have been substituted for blanks in numeric columns.

    Overall the handwriting was excellent, however there were a few cases where is was difficult to decipher a name. As a result, there may be some mistakes. Most questionable names are flagged with a "?". There was some difficulty distinguishing between "e" and "i", and between "o" and "a ". If you find a discrepency between the original document and this data, please let me know so this data can be corrected.

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