This census was performed by the state of North Carolina four years prior to the first US census in 1790. It was transcribed from microfilm by another of our Tyrrell County "cousins," Gordon L. Basnight. Many thanks to Gordon for making this available to us. The columns in the census are as follows:

  • Column 1 - Name of head of household
  • Column 2 - White males from Twenty one years old to Sixty
  • Column 3 - White males under Twenty one or above Sixty
  • Column 4 - White females of every age
  • Column 5 - Blacks of each sex from Twelve to Fifty
  • Column 6 - Blacks upwards of Fifty and under Twelve

    Every attempt has been made to enter this data as exactly as recorded by the census taker. Even obvious spelling errors are not corrected. In some cases the original data is difficult to decipher because the original document had faded or the handwriting was illegible. As a result, there may be some mistakes. Most questionable names are flagged with a "?". If you find a discrepency between the original document and this data, please let me know so the data can be corrected.

    There were two districts for which no household names were provided. The Gum Neck district listed the number of people in each category of each of the 59 households in that district, but failed to list the name of the family. The Great Alligator district only listed the totals for each category.

    The Miltail Lake district was originally in Currituck County prior to 1739, was in Tyrrell County until 1870, and then became part of Dare County. Thos. Everitt's district from the old Courthouse bridge to the upper end of the county (east of Roper to the western end of the county) was orginally in Chowan County prior to 1739, was in Tyrrell County until 1799, and then became part of Washington County in 1799.

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