Index for 1870 Federal Census
Tyrrell County, North Carolina
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Godfrey, Benjamin43MW483B39
Godfrey, Betsy62FW475A29
Godfrey, Caroline6FW483B34
Godfrey, Darkis22FW483B33
Godfrey, Dempsey4MW483B35
Godfrey, Eliza9/12FW483B37
Godfrey, Hesakiah35MW483B32
Godfrey, Mahala65MW494A20
Godfrey, Mary45FW472B6
Godfrey, Mary9FW472B7
Godfrey, Perceller2FW483B36
Godfrey, William8MW472B8
Godwin, Amos10MW453A4
Godwin, Annie13FW453A2
Godwin, Carthena9FW446A13
Godwin, David10MW455B9
Godwin, Emily23FW452A13
Godwin, Emily C.11FW456A30
Godwin, Ezekiel18MW443A6
Godwin, Ezekiel52MW446A9
Godwin, Francis40FW495B33
Godwin, James16MW453A1
Godwin, James15MW453A31
Godwin, James10MW446A12
Godwin, John41MW456A10
Godwin, John19MW456A11
Godwin, John W.19MB484A33
Godwin, Levin2MW453A5
Godwin, Levin51MW452B39
Godwin, Martha4/12FW452A14
Godwin, Martha8FW456A14
Godwin, Mary49FW452B40
Godwin, Matilda12FW453A3
Godwin, Moranda43FW446A10
Godwin, Nancy16FW456A13
Godwin, Sarah15FW452A34
Godwin, Susan12FW446A11
Godwin, Thomas L.17MW456A12
Godwin, William22MW462B5
Goodman, Rachel89FB466B6
Gray, Addie2FB476A33
Gray, Angliza1FB476A39
Gray, Ann6FB476A31
Gray, Ardy50MB476A27
Gray, Bryan8MB476A30
Gray, Calvin24MB476A37
Gray, Cary4FB476A32
Gray, Casinda37FB476A28
Gray, Covin12MB474A34
Gray, Eli25MB474A30
Gray, Eliza16FM474A33
Gray, Francis25FB474A32
Gray, Ivey40MW455A3
Gray, Jane21FB476A38
Gray, Jennie40FB474A31
Gray, John4MW455A8
Gray, Lettuce9FB476A29
Gray, Mary14FW454B34
Gray, Nicy7FW455A7
Gray, Sarah11FW455A5
Gray, Sophia45FW455A4
Gray, Thomas6/12MB476A40
Gray, William35MW477A25
Gray, William9MW455A6
Green, Abram25MB489B15
Green, Louis6/12MM489B17
Green, Penny60FM489B18
Green, Solomon15MB487B30
Green, Tamer19FB489B16
Gregory, Martha19FW482A8
Griffen, Elizabeth34FW459A3
Griffen, Elizabeth3FW459A7
Griffen, Frank5MW459A6
Griffen, James36MW459A2
Griffen, Mary24FW458B28
Griffen, Mary9FW459A4
Griffen, Richard34MW458B27
Griffen, Samuel8MW458B29
Griffen, Sarah7FW459A5
Griffen, William2MW458B30
Griffin, Charles29MB467B2
Griffin, Millie20FB467B3
Griswell, Hampy/Henry?22MB467B16
Grizzle, Caroline14MB458A35
Grizzle, Darkis6FB458A39
Grizzle, David12MB458A36
Grizzle, Martha10FB458A37
Grizzle, Robt40MM458A33
Grizzle, Rody35FB458A34
Grizzle, William8MB458A38
Halsey, Alice12FM483B4
Halsey, Benjamin17MB483B2
Halsey, Bettie22FM483B1
Halsey, George23MM484B11
Halsey, Hester21FB482B11
Halsey, Hettie42FM483A40
Halsey, Jennie17FB484B12
Halsey, Lavina5FB482B13
Halsey, Mararet20FM485A37
Halsey, Mary Jane14FM483B3
Halsey, Pollyann8/12FM482B14
Halsey, Robin51MB483A39
Halsey, Robin7MM482B12
Halsey, Vergin30MB482B10
Halsey, William23MM485A36
Halsey, Williamillis11/12MM485A38
Hammons, Edward9/12MW457B23
Hammons, Elizabeth20FW457B21
Hammons, William32MW457B20
Hammons, Williamanna3FW457B22
Hankins, Mary38FW442A14
Hankins, Sarah22FW442A13
Hankins, Thomas26MW442A12
Happer, Elizabeth21FW459A20
Happer, George Sr.57MW459A21
Happer, John W.19MW459A23
Happer, Mary55FW459A22
Happer, William34MW459A19
Hardy, Ann16FB490B3
Hardy, Emma17FB490B2
Hardy, Flora14FB490B4
Hardy, Nelson67MB490A40
Hardy, Polly45MB490B1
Harper, George W.27MW479B30
Harris, Martha18FW495B35
Harris, Nancy68FW495B37
Harris, Samuel35MW495B34
Harris, Wilson5/12MW495B36
Haskins, Dary?50MB485A21
Haskins, Freeman50MB489B8
Haskins, James8/12MB485A25
Haskins, Jennie18FB485A22
Haskins, Lydia69FB489B9
Haskins, Sarah15FB485A24
Haskins, Willis3MB485A23
Hassell, Abram51MW494B33
Hassell, Alice15FM487B36
Hassell, Amanda2FB495B9
Hassell, Aneliza6FB495B7
Hassell, Ann24FB489B5
Hassell, Augustus20MW494B36
Hassell, Benjamin38MW489B25
Hassell, Benjamin7MW489B28
Hassell, Caroline6FW494A22
Hassell, Charles R.22MW478A31
Hassell, Clide9MW466B37
Hassell, Corassa12FW494B35
Hassell, David35MB489B4
Hassell, Deward9MB495B5
Hassell, Dilla18FB482B36
Hassell, Earnest8FW461A2
Hassell, Francis42FW494B34
Hassell, Franklin23MB482B35
Hassell, George27MB495B3
Hassell, Hardy15MB486A27
Hassell, Hester29FB495B4
Hassell, James45MB488A14
Hassell, James12MW494B26
Hassell, Jane3FB495B8
Hassell, Jessee31MW460B39
Hassell, John4MW495A26
Hassell, John21MW495B21
Hassell, John W.35MW495A24
Hassell, Jordon19MW482A10
Hassell, Joshua48MW495B19
Hassell, Joshua59MW460B14
Hassell, Julia4FW494B14
Hassell, Julia (twin)14FB487B38
Hassell, Leonard16MW495B23
Hassell, Lizzie35FW445B11
Hassell, Louis22MB486A34
Hassell, Lucinda28FW460B40
Hassell, Mahala19FB486A35
Hassell, Mariah40FB486A26
Hassell, Martha25FW489B26
Hassell, Mary6FW461A3
Hassell, Mary2FW494B27
Hassell, Mary57FW460B15
Hassell, Matilda60FW495B20
Hassell, Mollie19FW460B16
Hassell, Mourning2FB489B6
Hassell, Nathan32MW463B34
Hassell, Oscar8MB495B6
Hassell, Richard38MW466B35
Hassell, Riley18MB487B28
Hassell, Robbin19MB489A23
Hassell, Samuel1MW445B12
Hassell, Sarah35FW495A25
Hassell, Sophianna18FW495B22
Hassell, Spencer3MB496A6
Hassell, Stark8MW489B27
Hassell, Uriah17MW460B17
Hassell, Webster8/12MB482B37
Hassell, Webster1MW489B29
Hassell, William10MW461A1
Hassell, William11MW494A21
Hassell, William11/12MW494B28
Hassell, Wilson2MW461A4

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