1870 Federal Census
Tyrrell County, North Carolina
Page 494B

Page No. 26

Inquiries numbered 7, 16, and 17 are not to be asked in respect to infants. Inquiries numbered
11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 19, and 20 are to be answered merely by an affirmative mark, as /.

Schedule 1.--Inhabitants in Scuppernong Township, in the County of Tyrrell,

of North Carolina, enumerated by me on the 29 Day of Jul 1870.


Post Office Columbia

T.W. Hankins Ass't Marshal

1234567891011 121314151617181920
1Davenport, Gilford12MWFarm LaborerNCY
2Davenport, Nancy9FWAt homeNCY
3Wynne, Harriott20FWDomesticNC
4Alexander, Rebecca40FBCookingNCYY
5Alexander, Arrina3FMAt homeNC
6221220Gibson, Joseph35MBFarmerNCYYY
7Gibson, Mary30FBKeeps houseNCYY
8Gibson, Jerry4MBAt homeNC
9Brickhouse,Sarah60FBCookingNC YY
10222221Clough, Rowan56MWFarmer250105NCY
11Clough, Clarkie50FWKeeps houseNCYY
12Clough, Annie18FWDomesticNC
13Dunbar, Sarah6FWAt homeNCY
14Hassell, Julia4FWAt homeNC
15223222Spruill, Eli52MWFarmer and Sprc C.C.1200608NCY
16Spruill, harriott41FWKeeps houseNC
17Spruill, Author20MWAssistant clerkNC
18Spruill, Dora19FWWithout occupationNC
19Spruill, Mollie5FWAt homeNCY
20Dunbar, Joseph9MWAt homeNCY
21Pritchett, Franklin17MWFarm LaborerNC
22Norman, Henry35MWFarm LaborerNCY
23West, Lucinda25FWDomesticNC
24224223Clough, Joseph23MWFarmer50100NCY
25Clough, Eliza30FWKeeps houseNC
26Hassell, James12MWFarm LaborerNCY
27Hassell, Mary2FWAt homeNC
28Hassell, William11/12MWAt homeNCAug
29225224Dunbar, Charles50FWFarmer50NCYY
30Dunbar, George25MWFarm LaborerNCYYY
31Dunbar, Anna17FWDomesticNC
32Dunbar, Robert14MWFarm LaborerNCY
33226225Hassell, Abram51MWFarmer250239NCY
34Hassell, Francis42FWKeeps houseNC
35Hassell, Corassa12FWFarm LaborerNCY
36Hassell, Augustus20MWFarm LaborerNC
37Brickhouse, Ada28FWDomesticNC
38227226Woodley, Robert22MWFarmer500200NCY
39Woodley, Narcissa30FWKeeps houseNC
40228227Pettigrew, Major50MBFarmerNCYYY
No. of dwellings, 8
" " families, 8
" " white males, 15
No. of white females, 18
" " colored males, 3
" " " females, 4
No. of males, foreign born, 0
" " females, " " 0
" " blind, 0
No. of insane, 0

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