1870 Federal Census
Tyrrell County, North Carolina
Page 456B

Page No. 10

Inquiries numbered 7, 16, and 17 are not to be asked in respect to infants. Inquiries numbered
11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 19, and 20 are to be answered merely by an affirmative mark, as /.

Schedule 1.--Inhabitants in Columbia Township, in the County of Tyrrell,

of North Carolina, enumerated by me on the 1 Day of Jul 1870.


Post Office Columbia

T.W. Hankins Ass't Marshal

1Basnight, Charles2MWAt homeNC
28273Rhodes, Silvey61FWFarmer225165NC
3Rhodes, Margaret29FWKeeps houseNCYY
4Rhodes, Joseph27MWFarm LaborerNCYYY
5Rhodes, Libby19FWFarm LaborerNC
68374Brickhouse, Henry20MWFarm Laborer400155NCYY
7Brickhouse, Silvey25FWKeeps houseNC
88475Swain, Malachi46MWFarmerNCY
9Swain, Sarah44FWKeeps houseNCYY
10Swain, Frances21FWDomesticNCY
11Swain, William13MWFarm LaborerNCY
12Swain, Charles12MWFarm LaborerNCYY
13Swain, Sarah10FWAt homeNCYY
14Swain, Henry8MWAt homeNC
15Swain, Maliche2MWAt homeNC
168576Valangia, Warren22MWFarm Laborer250-NCMayYYY
17Valangia, Matilda19FWKeeps houseNCMayY
188677Gibson, Emily44MWFarmerNCYYY
19Gibson, Elizabeth22FWKeeps houseNC
20Gibson, William19MWFarm LaborerNC
21Gibson, Matilda14FWAt homeNCY
228778Owens, John78MWFarmer180-NCY
23Owens, Sarah76FWWithout occupationNCY
248879Roughton, Edmond32MWFarmer and fishermanNCY
25Roughton, Phebe30FWKeeps houseNCYY
26Roughton, John E.13MWFarm LaborerNCYY
27Roughton, Sarah11FWAt homeNCYY
28Roughton, Polly7FWAt homeNC
29Roughton, Phebe4MWAt homeNC
30Roughton, Uriah8/12FWAt homeNCOct
318980Valangia, John ?.52MWFarmer400285NCYYY
32Valangia, Sarah51FWKeeps houseNC
33Valangia, Elijah27MWDomesticNCY
34Valangia, Phebe23FWWithout occupationNCYY
35Valangia, Sarah19FWWithout occupationNCYY
36Valangia, Cathrine16FWWithout occupationNCYY
37Valangia, Mary Ellen12FWAt homeNCY
38Valangia, Benjamin10MWFarm LaborerNCYY
39Valangia, Patsy8FWAt homeNC
40Swain, Mary36FWKeeps houseNCYY
No. of dwellings, 9
" " families, 9
" " white males, 20
No. of white females, 20
" " colored males, 0
" " " females, 0
No. of males, foreign born, 0
" " females, " " 0
" " blind, 0
No. of insane, 0

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