1870 Federal Census
Tyrrell County, North Carolina
Page 449B

Page No. 16

Inquiries numbered 7, 16, and 17 are not to be asked in respect to infants. Inquiries numbered
11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 19, and 20 are to be answered merely by an affirmative mark, as /.

Schedule 1.--Inhabitants in Alligator Township, in the County of Tyrrell,

of North Carolina, enumerated by me on the 27 Day of Jun 1870.


Post Office Columbia

T.W. Hankins Ass't Marshal

1Tweedy, Zacariah4MWAt homeNC
2Tweedy, Edward1MWAt homeNC
3137123Tweedy, Elizabeth42FWKeeps house50-NCYY
4Tweedy, Martha18FWFarm LaborerNCYY
5Tweedy, Joe John14MWFarm LaborerNCYY
6Tweedy, Thomas11MWFarm LaborerNC
7Tweedy, Urias9MWAt homeNC
8Tweedy, James4MWAt homeNC
9138124Spencer, Eli30MBFarm LaborerNCY
10Spencer, Nancy26FBKeeps houseNCYY
11Spencer, Mary13FBFarm LaborerNCYY
12Spencer, Mordicia10FMFarm LaborerNCY
13Spencer, James3MBAt homeNC
14Johnson, Harriett11FMFarm LaborerNC
16140125Mann, Virgin30MBFarmer and ShinglerNCYYY
17Mann, Harriott29FBKeeps houseNCY
18Jones, William12MMFarm LaborerNCYY
19Mann, Frances3FBAt homeNC
20Mann, Nancy1FBAt homeNC
22142126Holmes, James46MWFarmer200150NCY
23Holmes, Francis25FWKeeps houseNCY
24Holmes, Laura13FWFarm LaborerNCYY
25Holmes, James12MWFarm LaborerNCYY
26Holmes, Johnathan9MWAt homeNC
27Holmes, William2MWAt homeNC
28143127Wright, James23MWFarmer100-NCY
29Wright, Elizabeth29FWKeeps houseNCY
30Wright, James4MWAt homeNC
31Wright, Mary3FWAt homeNC
32Wright, Nancy1FWAt homeNC
33Wright, Thomas14MWAt homeNC
34Wright, Fannie43FWWithout occupationNCYYInsane
35Wright, Nancy18FWFarm LaborerNC
36Edwards, Dianne42FWWithout occupationVA
37144128Ward, Asa55MWShinglingNCY
38Ward, Francis21FWKeeps houseNC
39Ward, Anthony16MWFarm LaborerNC
40Ward, Alice3FWAt homeNC
No. of dwellings, 8
" " families, 6
" " white males, 15
No. of white females, 12
" " colored males, 5
" " " females, 6
No. of males, foreign born, 0
" " females, " " 0
" " blind, 0
No. of insane, 1

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